Sweat Equity Publicity DIY Seminars For Groups And One-On-One

Hiring a typical publicist for even one event will cost between several hundred and a couple of thousand dollars, with no guarantees whatsoever. The Sweat Equity DIY Publicity seminar will give you literally all the tools needed to easily do the job yourself and obtain the results you’re looking for. Whether you are an actor, a comedian, a musician, or an entertainment producer/promoter of any genre, the methods taught in this seminar will work for you.

The Shehori Brothers will, in plain and simple terms, share their proven publicity methods and secrets on how to obtain significant media attention for yourself and your endeavors. In addition, they’ll teach you to think about your career in a new way that will move you quickly and confidently towards your goals.

The seminar will:

  • Guide you, step by step, on the dos and don’ts of creating memorable press releases & eye-popping press kits
  • Teach how to make your shows stand out and appear more attractive to newspapers, radio, TV and web
  • Help you establish solid long-term relationships with the media
  • Teach how to optimize your show’s success + be nominated for national awards
  • Increase your media profile in Canada, the U.S., or elsewhere
  • Help you with getting an agent, or help your current agents get you more work
  • Help you with obtaining government grants and garnering a U.S. Work Visa
  • Show you how start up your very own publicity company

PLUS: You will receive a publicity booklet, which includes:

  • Entertainment media contact list
  • Numerous sample press releases & templates
  • Key Industry contacts for photography, poster services, editors, videographers, graphic designers, etc.

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