““In my 25 year career in the media, I received thousands of pitches, via email, phone, video and other methods too bizarre to relate. But I knew when I saw the name ‘Daniel Shehori’ attached to one, that I could count on certain things being guaranteed. It would be interesting, it would be witty, it would be worth my time and it would be positioned in a way that managed to be simultaneously persuasive yet unintrusive. The Shehori Brothers are highly respected in the industry as publicists & writers/producers of live theater and television. And in addition to working with established artists, they take a lot of time to help up-and-comers with their careers. Besides being talented, they’re generous as well, which I find a rare combination in this business.”
Richard Ouzounian – Writer/Director, Theater Critic: Variety and The Toronto Star

“Daniel and Steven Shehori have the business and art of comedy in their blood. They are devoted advocates of young aspiring comedians, writers and actors, and they have the innate ability to understand what it takes to promote, produce and develop a career in the entertainment biz. They have done an extraordinary job publicizing the Second City and the 8-year run of the Tim Sims Theater.”
Andrew Alexander – Proprietor & Executive Producer of The Second City

“First and foremost, Daniel is a great guy. His communication skills are top notch and he knows the right media outlets to get the best exposure for what you are trying to promote. He’s my go-to guy for PR in Toronto.”
Jay “Christian” Reso, two-time WWE World Champion

“The Shehori brothers are tireless, knowledgeable and above all universally respected in the Canadian entertainment industry. Having them in your corner gives you a lot better chance of surviving the ridiculously tough battle that is Canadian show business.”
Steve Patterson – Host of CBC’S The Debaters

“Over the past 5 years the Canadian Comedy Awards has had the pleasure of working with Daniel and Steven Shehori. From assisting in PR and media launches to the planning of live events, and of course serving on committees due to their reputation as top-flight live show producers and comedy writers; working with them has not only been professionally rewarding but a great experience.”
Tim Progosh – Founder: The Canadian Comedy Awards

“Daniel and Steven have an exceptional grasp of the industry and have always steered my company in the right direction. I’ve had the Shehoris work on a number of productions for me, including shows for Louis C.K. (which was voted top show in Toronto in 2008), as well as Paula Poundstone and Debra Digiovanni. They are the link between selling out and not.”
Jake Labow – Independent Producer, formerly with Brillstein Entertainment Partners

“I’ve dealt with many people in entertainment. Writers, directors, producers, agents, network executives, and talent. Well, Daniel and Steven possess a rare combination of skills that elude most of them. They’re brilliantly creative in generating fresh ideas and amazingly savvy in making them come to life. Thinking. Doing. And now they’re going to teach people? Good for them. Better for us.”
Ron Tite – CEO, The Tite Group

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daniel & Steven on numerous levels. If it is a show I need to promote, or a script I need to punch up, the first people I always think of are the Shehori Brothers. Their shared wealth of knowledge on the entertainment industry is an invaluable resource for students and professionals alike. They have an innate ability to cut through the mystique of the industry and deliver the information needed to achieve success. If you are looking to produce a theatre show, pitch a series to a network, or raise your profile as an actor, from concept to production they take you every step of the way.”
Carlie Baxter – Owner, The Baxter Agency

“Daniel and Steven Shehori taught us so much about comedy event production and promotion! Laughing Like Crazy, our signature comedy fundraiser has been a huge success – 5 years running. We owe much of that success to the direction and guidance of the Shehori Brothers.”
Ellen Ostofsky – Director of Fundraising & Special Projects: Mood Disorders Association of Ontario